X-Battle Version 0.23 erschienen (fixed Version)

Kurz nach dem Erscheinen der Q4Max Version 0.74, gibt es nun auch die X-Battle Mod in der Version 0.23.
Wie auch bei der neuen Q4Max Version ist X-Battle 0.23 nur mit dem neuen Quake 4 Patch 1.2 kompatibel.

Der BattleMod online Config Generator wurde zwischenzeitlich auf die neue Version angepasst.

Eine komplette Liste der Änderungen, Bugfixes und neuen Features findet ihr unten.

Download hier (fixed version)

Changelog X-Battle 0.22 -> 0.23

v0.23 ~ April 24th, 2006

fix: coach works correctly on listenservers now (evil thing!)
fix: ref_allcaptain sets correct captain status
fix: powerups not disappearing in hud when switching spectated player.
fix: reset ready status on mapchange.
fix: powerups are shown again if spectating a player.
fix: vote-menu shows vote "yes" and "no" when using XBM votes.
fix: autofollow no longer toggles between players with the same priority powerup.
fix: fixed an issue with skipworldfx and simpleitems on listenserver spawn.
fix: scoreboard / skins show wrong teams.
fix: fixed a problem with client projectile collision detection.
fix: spectators hud receives events like flagTaken, flagDrop or flagReturn
fix: overtime modes now works correctly again.
fix: map votes via menu work again in special combinations.
fix: own railtrail color in non-teamgames.
fix: pro-marine / pro-strogg teamskin now works as brightskins too.
fix: scorebot freezebug after a mapchange.
fix: removed ready status when switching to spectator or switching team.
fix: cleared player scores after team switch.
fix: fragged player in gametype ClanArena don't disappear in teamoverlay.
fix: glow effects are now correctly handled with r_skipWorldFX.
fix: spectators now see fragmessages of spectated player in their hud.

add: spectators and coaches now see overlay info at crosshair.
add: cl_nomip to allow changing graphics to picmip 1, regardless of current picmip settings.
add: cl_q3Zoom to allow q3 zoom style. ( community request )
add: global PU spawn sound like it was in q3 when g_PUbehavior is enabled.
add: cl_ammoCheck to controls the behaviour of empty weapons.
add: s_altEnemySounds to use tankjr sounds for an opponent model. ( community request )
add: captain commands "captains", "invite", "pickplayer", "removeplayer" "kickplayer", "resign", "teamready", "readyteam", "accept" and "decline"; see client-commands.txt for details.
add: match_lateJoin to enable/disable players to join a running match.
add: team_allCaptain to control player captain assignment.
add: team_noControls to disable captain commands on e.g. public servers.
add: team_noTeamReady to disable "teamready" command.
add: vote_allow_allcaptain to control "allcaptain" vote.
add: new vote option "allcaptain".
add: hardconfigs for NGL.
add: new value '2' for hud_showTeamHealth to show plain text instead of graphical icons in aimtext at crosshair.

chg: aimtext at crosshair shows up immediatelly without fading in.
chg: default cl_enemyColor* / cl_teamColor* colors changed to red/blue.
chg: not showing captain icons in scoreboard with team_allCaptain set.
chg: new captain icons in scoreboard
chg: coachInvite, coachKick, teamlock, teamunlock, time, timeout and timein commands are limited to captains in team games.
chg: g_allowShaftInWater now is really like it was in QuakeWorld!
chg: machine gun sound 5db increased. (ori q4: -3db / previous XBM: -13db / now: -8db
chg: cl_teamRails command description.
chg: gametype/hardconfig votes no longer reset vote_allow_gametype cvar.
chg: g_firstPURandomSpawn renamed to g_PUbehavior and added to hardconfigs.
chg: voteoption firstpurandomspawn|fpurs renamed to pubehavior|pub.
chg: g_PUbehavior 1 now also sets the time until a dropped powerup is removed from the map changed to 30 seconds (q3style).
chg: players/listPlayers missing colorcode added.