X-Battle Version 0.12a

Von der X-Battle Mod ist die Version 0.12a erschienen.
Die wichtigsten Neuerungen dürften die Befehle cl_simpleitems, cl_autoAction und ein Support für Log-Dateien sein.
Das komplette Changelog findet Ihr weiter unten.

Download X-Battle 0.12a hier.

Desweiteren findet man hier(Link dead) vom X-Battle Team einen praktischen Online Config Generator.



»»» Änderungen in 0.12

v0.12 ~ January 22th, 2006

fix: missing teamscore bug.

fix: missing warmup weapons bug. this time for sure :)

fix: nailgun bgcolor in weaponswitch

fix: (raven/id bug) q4base will crash by trying to vote a map without flags
in a ctf gametype.

fix: small issue with g_maxRespawnTime fixed.

add: cl_simpleItems to draw 3D models as 2D icons. (requested like hell)
add: referee mode to force several match stuff. see client-commands for full

add: forced configs to allow the forcing of standard settings for leagues.
use callvote option setconfig to force a standard
config. name can be : Quake4, XBattle, ClanBase, Kuh3Liga.

add: enhanced log support.
the following server commands were added to control the log support:
g_statsLog - enables statistics log output.
g_statsLogEmptyGames - determines whether games with no player action
will be logged or not.
fs_statsPath - path to statstics log file

add: cl_statsUserName , cl_statsPassword to identify player
in server statistics.

add: chattokens for teamgames:
#h - player health colored by value
#H - player health
#A - player armor
#U - lists all powerups the player is currently wearing
#w - player weapon as shortext. like RG for RailGun etc.
#W - player weapon as icon.
#D - damaged by. the last player which attacked you.
#P - last item that was picked up.
#I - nearest item name.
#L - your location.

add: r_skipWorldFX to remove some world effects.
0 - Skip nothing
1 - skips the drawing of the glow effects around items.
2 - skips the drawing of the visual effects for item spawnpoints.
4 - skips the drawing of the visual effects for jumppads.
8 - skips the drawing of the visual effects for teleporter.
16 - skips the drawing of the visual effects for fog, sparks
and some more.

To remove an effect just add his value.
i.e : A value of 31 removes all visual effects!
a value of 6 only removes the item spawnpoints and jumppad effects.

add: user defined map-location support for the teamoverlay and teamchat.
to add a location you can use the following commands :
addloc - to add a location. It will automaticly saved to
the battle/locs folder. i.e.: mapname.cfg
listloc - displays all known locations for this map
delloc - delete an entry out of the location-file.

add: cl_editMapLocations to toggle the drawing of the area number in the
teamoverlay on/off (useful for creating locationfiles)

add: cl_weaponConfigs to allow the usage of separate settings for each
The weapons-cfgs can be set with the cvars cl_weaponConfig0 up to
Arguments are : g_fov, sensitivity, ui_showGun, g_crosshairCustomFile,
g_crosshairSize, g_crosshairColor in rgb hex color.

add: si_autoAction to enforce several things from server-side
1 statsdump at the end of the match
2 take endlevel screenshot
4 records a demo
So a value of 7 will do everything.

add: cl_autoAction to enforce several things from client-side
1 statsdump at the end of the match
2 take endlevel screenshot
4 records a demo
So a value of 7 will do everything.

add: players / listplayers commands to list all players with id, team,
flags (ref,coach,captain) and names.

add: .pakFileList serverinfo cvar which contains all loaded pk4's files
a client needs to connect to the server.

add: match_respawnOnSD command to control respawn for sudden death.

chg: matchtimer visible in warmup and sudden death ( always counts up )

chg: teamoverlay now shows playerlocation / nearest item.

chg: hud_drawTeamOverlay positioning: 1 upper right, 2 lower right and
3 lower left.

chg: r_displayRefresh works now in MP.

chg: chat and teamchat appears in q3 style (requested).

chg: g_gibs and g_blood renamed to cl_gibs and cl_blood.

chg: recolored weaponmodel textures and glowtexture added.

chg: scorebot serverinfo names got a . prefix.
like .Score_Marine / .Score_Time etc.
to allow smart serverbrowsers to display it sorted at the top of
the list.
chg: g_voteFlags now work for callvote.