X-Battle und Q4Max kompatibel zum Quake 4 1.1 Patch

Der letzte Woche veröffentlichte Patch 1.1 von id Software wurde wegen eines Bugs im Widescreen Modus wieder vom Server genommen.
Mehr dazu auf ESReality.
An einem Bugfix wird geabeitet.

Nichtsdestotrotz sind die neuesten Veröffentlichungen von X-Battle und Q4Max kompatibel zum Patch 1.1 beta oder höher.
Das Changelog der Mods gibt es weiter unten.

Download X-Battle 0.21b hier.

Download Q4Max 0.73 hier.

Für beide Mods gibt es in Englisch Wikis die die meissten Fragen bezüglich der Mods erklären dürften.

X-Battle Wiki(Link dead)
Q4Max Wiki

X-Battle Changelog von Version 0.20 zu 0.21b

v0.21 SDK 1.1 public beta ~ March 26th, 2006

fix: item pickups are now shown in hud when spectating a player.
fix: votes called via console are now displayed in hud below vote info.
fix: fixed soundshader problems with q3 style pain sounds.
fix: renamed 'netto' to correct english 'net' on team scoreboard. :)
fix: play 'teams are tied', 'marine team leads' and 'strogg team leads'
announcer sounds in ClanArena.
fix: renamed cl_gimmikMod to cl_gimmickMod for correct spelling.

add: (client)callVote now shows whether this vote is allowed
or not on the server.
add: g_allowShaftInWater to control behaviour of the shaft while using
it in water.
add: new death icons for new methods of death.
add: now showing which players are fragged in teamoverlay in gametype
add: added players symbols for referee, coach & captain to scoreboard.
add: added some new referee commands:
unref - remove referee status
ref_readymarine|strogg - set all marine|strogg players ready
ref_unreadymarine|strogg - set all marine|strogg players unready
ref_promote_marinecoach - promotes a player to coach team marine
ref_promote_stroggcoach - promotes a player to coach team strogg
ref_demote_coach - removes coach status from a player
ref_allcaptain - gives captain status to all players
ref_promote_marinecaptain - promotes captain for team marine
ref_promote_stroggcaptain - promotes captain for team strogg
ref_demote - removes captain status from a player
ref_lock - locks all teams
ref_unlock - unlocks all teams
ref_lockmarine|strogg - locks team marine|strogg
ref_unlockmarine|strogg - unlocks team marine|strogg
add: server->client traffic reduced with changed serverinfo handling.
add: custom huds with cl_hud, currently available are 'quake4' and 'xbm'.
add: new system to allow / disallow votes based on prefix vote_allow_.
add: a big bunch of new vote values, see client-commands.txt for details.

chg: recorded autoaction demos now show the summary board at end of game.
chg: q3 style drowning damage.
chg: timein can be called during timeout without 5s floodprotection delay.
chg: in ClanArena players spawn with 150 armor, removed armor decay.
chg: hud_ammoBar extended with option for not drawing ammoBar.
chg: hardconfig 'server' for gametype Duel is now called duel.cfg.
chg: brightskins to have the look better.
chg: showing tab 'scoreboard' instead of tab 'summary' at end of game
for autoaction screenshots.
chg: single player code removed.
chg: partial rewrite of hud code to improve performance and allow custom
chg: tons of rewrites to assure code quality.
chg: si_scoreBotSupport default to 1, since the scorebot cant produce lag

Q4Max 0.73b Changelog zu Version 0.73

ADD: Compatibility with q4 1.1, including all additional functionality from this release.
ADD: startfreeze callvote/mode option which freezes player movement during countdown for CA/CTFS
ADD: startrespawn callvote/mode option which forces players to respawn after countdown for CA/CTFS
ADD: countdown callvote/mode option which changes si_countdown
ADD: cg_ambientEffects 0/1 allows players to disable world effects
ADD: cg_deadBody 0/1 allows players to disable showing of dead player bodies before they respawn
ADD: XSL Templates which display match stats in a "pretty" format.
ADD: fs_xslTemplate cvar specifies the XSL template referenced in XML stats
ADD: 1.1 cvars pm_zoomedslow and g_simpleitems added to the competition menu
ADD: "follow" command. can supply either a playerId, or a powerup ("quad", "regen", "haste", "invis", "marineflag" or "stroggflag"), and you will spec this player.
ADD: enemyspec callvote/mode option which enables/disables the ability to spec enemies when you're dead in CTFS / CA.
ADD: "timeout" command which is not restricted to refs. Limited number of timeouts (sv_maxTimeouts), and limited duration (sv_timeoutMaxLength).
ADD: When server uses si_allowhitscantint 3, the railtrails are tinted using cg_enemycolor / cg_teamcolor and not the default strogg / default marine colours.

CHG: q4maxXML renamed to MAXStats, and now can display data on both clients and servers, and provides detailed match breakdowns in addition to summary data on servers. See separate documentation.

CHG: Numerous icons made nomip
CHG: Made spectator text less obtrusive
CHG: g_simpleitems 1 now disables the "hologram" effect of item spawn markers
CHG: g_muzzleflash now also removes the actual firing flare
CHG: removed ui_model_backup, ui_model_strogg and ui_model_marine cvars
CHG: Spectator text tweaked to improve visuals during video broadcasts

FIX: (netcode) Reduced the amount of serverinfo data transmitted, thus reducing "SendReliableMessage overflow without allow overflow set" errors.
FIX: Spectators should now be able to rejoin the game in FFA
FIX: Duel no longer allows 3 players in the game if a player joins once the game has started
FIX: Player names/clantags with < > & ' or " are now correctly escaped in XML output
FIX: Tourney mode now correctly creates multiple arenas again
FIX: Tourney mode now respects the overtime callvote correctly again
FIX: Tourney mode now populates scoreboard/hud correctly at start of the tourney.
FIX: force model will force the heads of models in all cases correctly now.