X-Battle 0.22

Nachdem ja vor kurzem die Version 0.21b erschienen ist, geht es auch gleich weiter mit der Version 0.22.
Changelog gibt es wie üblich unten.
Für die Version 0.22 gibt es einen abgeänderten Online Config Generator

Download X-Battle 0.22 hier.


v0.22 SDK 1.1 ~ April 2nd, 2006

fix: gui votes now work properly again
fix: hud-team is updated to team of spectated player if spectating
fix: ping on scoreboard-tab of summary in CTF is shown at correct position
fix: no longer showing incorrect item pickups for spectators.
fix: crosshair now disappears if spectating free fly.
fix: nickcolors no longer override the colorcode of deathmessages.
fix: hitsounds are now playing correctly when using a listenserver.
fix: missing powerup symbols in teamoverlay.
fix: net score not resetted after localmaprestart.
fix: changed auto record demo filename to fit arg completion of command playNetDemo
fix: auto action screenshot is taken 500ms after gamestate change to GAMEREVIEW to assure summary board is drawn complete

add: showing flag carrier name in hud right of the flag icons in gametype CTF
add: now showing 'caps' in scoreboard and scoreboard-tab in summary
add: real follow mode for spectators, selectable triggers are flags, powerups, items (RA, MH) and killer - controlled via the new CVars cl_followPU, cl_followItem and cl_followKiller. See client-commands.txt for a detailled explaination of follow mode!
add: command 'follow' to switch to the player wearing a special powerup or to the last player that took up a given item; 'follow ' switches to the player with the client id as listed with command listPlayers.
add: cl_altSimpleItems to enable XBM simpleitems.
add: m_accel option to cl_weaponConfig. (client-commands.txt!)
add: s_ambient to control ambient sounds (ofcourse on the fly).
add: cl_muzzleFlash to enable/disable the drawing of the muzzleflash.
add: average ping on scoreboard-tab on summary.
add: new vote option 'firstpurandomspawn' to make g_firstPUrandomSpawn voteable.
add: cl_teamRails to control the behaviour of the railcolor.
add: cl_enemyColorRail and cl_teamColorRail to allow user defined railcolors for your team and enemy.
chg: cl_teamForceColors now supports the bit 4 for the teamrail color and default changed to 15.
chg: auto record demos now contain countdown.
chg: disabled votes 'selfdamage' and 'fallingdamage' in gametype CA
chg: changing map according to the selected gametype to avoid. server halts on misconfiguration of map/gametype combination.
chg: vote_allow_gametype is now a bitmask to control in details which
gametype votes are allowed
1 - Deathmatch (FFA)
2 - Tourney
4 - Team Deathmatch
8 - Capture the Flag
16 - *reserved*
32 - Arena Capture the Flag
64 - *reserved*
128 - ClanArena
256 - Duel

chg: updated to SDK 1.1 final.
chg: argcompletion for model names shows all models if freemodels set on server.
chg: the railtrail is now always drawn in picmip 0.