Q4Max 0.75 erschienen

Von der Mod Q4Max ist nun die Version 0.75 erschienen.
Die Änderungen zur vorangegangen Version gibt es wie gewohnt unten.

Download Q4Max0.75 14.5 MB

Version 0.75 (17 June 06)

add: Freezetag gametype added.

Two standard modes, "FTEU" and "FTUS". Players are frozen until thawed by a teammate.
Callvote "thawtime" controls how long it takes to thaw.
Callvote "thawauto" controls time before players autothaw.

add: Demo playback menu - shows all netdemos.

To playback most demos, "Enforce Files" must be turned ON (demo_enforcefs 1 or 2)
"Force media only" (demo_enforcefs 1) will play the demo with all the paks it was recorded with BUT using the latest Q4Max game code (instead of the version the demo was recorded with).
"Force all paks" (demo_enforcefs 2) will play it with all paks - including game code it was recorded with (instead of the latest game code).
Q4Max 0.75 can play most demos recorded with 0.74a and 0.74b except for TDM demos, which must be played back using "Force all paks".
If all required files are not present, the filenames and checksums will be displayed - if more than 1 is missing, they will all be listed on the console.
Support will not be provided for errors encountered using "Enforce Files - OFF". As usual, if there's something odd in playback, enforcefs 2 is a safe way out.

add: Player Profiles.

Some competitions do not allow cvars not editable via the gui to be used. Player profiles are restricted .cfg's that may only contain settings that can be adjusted via the gui.
The cfg's can be saved and loaded via the menu interface or via the loadProfile / saveProfile commands.
When loaded via these commands or the user interface, no "restricted" cvar can be changed, allowing this menu to be used to load configs in competitions.

add: CPMA style duel scoreboard.

Shows stats for both players, and a layout more suited to 1v1.

add: "Net" now displayed in the TDM scoreboard.
add: Callvote modelsounds 1 enables strogg sounds on all strogg models.

Applies a full soundset - pain, jumps, footsteps etc. Can be used with cg_enemymodel "strogg" or similar to get enemy sounds.

add: autorecord command records a netdemo with a name in the same format as autoaction recorded demos.
add: Client XML stats include "damagegiven" and "damagetaken" values
add: Server + client XML stats output kills for each weapon
add: cg_railstyle (0|1, default 1)

alternate rail trail styles. 1 is q4 default, 0 has no swirl

add: hud_timer (-1|0|1, default 1)

1 - Standard Q4 (countdown)
0 - no timer
-1 - Inverted (count up)

add: hud_timerposition (default 305 10)

x/y position of the timer

chg: ui_autoswitch (bitmask, default 3) now allows switching to weapons that have no ammo

0 manual switches
1 auto switches
2 manual switches, empty weapons allowed

chg: cg_ambienteffects is now a bitmask (default 3)

0 - don't show any ambient particle effects
1 - show world effects
2 - show item effects

chg: instagib can now only be changed via modes - "callvote mode IFFA" instead of "callvote instagib 1"
chg: after playing a demo, force a reloadEngine command so that the "latest" menus are reloaded - applies to demo_enforcefs 1 only.
chg: autoaction demos in duel now use Name-vs-Name format
chg: "qanotes" command removed, allowing q for quit. Thx goes to RR2DO2 @ SD.
chg: brighter PM skins
chg: nopicmipped id's Pro brightskins
chg: "helmeted" skin has a bright helmet.
chg: Statistics in _ingamestats and summary statistics tab shown to .1% accuracy.
fix: (RB) "FreeCurrentPVS: invalid handle" server errors. Error reduced to a warning, code protected so that it cannot do any harm, and causes of calling FreeCurrentPVS with an invalid handle corrected.
fix: (RB) hitbeeps not sounding if a shot hit multiple targets
fix: (RB) toggling ingame stats was drawing the hud twice
fix: (RB - Performance) optimised/fixed assorted broken code, for up to 25% fps boost.
fix: (RB - Performance) projectiles performance improved, reducing CPU load when spamming with HB / RL.
fix: (RB - Performance) ui_showgun implemention changed, thus providing performance boosts with showgun 0.
fix: (RB - Performance) Improved g_simpleitems implementation, giving bigger FPS gains.
fix: (Performance) Improved cg_ambientEffects implementation, giving bigger FPS gains.
fix: (RB) Player physics bugs corrected, which were causing jumps to be missed.
fix: changing between the stock hud_styles ingame didn't initialise hud team colouring
fix: "no ammo" sign disappears properly when you pick up ammo for an empty weapon. props to Lava of jachud fame :)
fix: compound mode+map votes misbehaving, you can now vote both in one go
fix: serverdemo playback now uses the correct cg_weaponfoveffect, g_gunx/y/z cvars
fix: serverdemos no longer crash on playback if the game reaches overtime
fix: Vote menu now shows only modes defined as available on the server by si_modes (including custom modes). Note: custom modes will not be shown if si_modes is blank.