Patch für Q4 Max 0.74 *Update*

Mittlerweile gibt es einen neuen "Fix" mit dem Index "b", welcher die "a"-Version ersetzt.


chg: autoaction now stores screenshots in the screenshots/ directory.
chg: Show a message in the chat window when someone disconnects.
chg: g_clientprojectilecolision marked as archive, so now stored in configs automatically
fix: bug relating to animations not loaded on the server, causing warnings and then state errors.
fix: health/armor no longer decreases at all during a timeout / pause.
fix: respawn minimum / maximum time no longer affected by timeout / pause.
fix: (Performance) a little more HUD tweaking.

Download hier.

Da es in der Q4 Max Version 0.74 zu einigen Bugs und Perfomanceeinbrüchen kam,
gibt es einen Patch der folgendes behebt:

fix: (Performance) player.def no longer loaded with precaching in the menu. This speeds initial load time, and also ensures that player related media is precached when in game.
fix: (Performance) crosshair gui interaction optimised.
fix: (Performance) HUD code optimised based on profiling.
fix: (Performance) g_projectileLights removed. There never are projectile lights, so the code checking for them is dead code.
fix: (Performance) Changes to the way ui_showgun is accessed.
fix: callvote map now issues a "nextMap" on the server after changing si_map. Was causing the map not to change correctly in some cases.
chg: Original q4 crosshairs restored. Tweaked versions moved to higher numbers of g_crosshaircustom / g_crosshaircustom2.

Da dies kein Vollständiges Release ist, muss die .pk4 Datei nur in das Q4 Max Verzeichnis entpackt werden.

Download hier.